I’ve been trying…


Tangled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for two weeks to come up with something interesting to blog about, but I think my life is just that boring really. We have been up to a few things though.

On the 2nd of June Ty and I went to “The Movies in the Park”, which is something the city of Clarksville does for free. We really enjoyed watching Tangled on a big screen out in the park with a lot of other people. We look forward to going back to the next movie that we want to see. They play a lot of good movies, but we don’t really want to see all of them.

Ty also went to his first “Noggin Shack” at our local library. Kids can go there and do different things and meet different people during the summer. the 2nd was Mystical Creatures and they learned how to make a dragon out of a folder and brads! He had a blast! Tonight is the Duck Tape Workshop.

The 8th of June we went and watched “The Island” at the local library. I really wish I had looked into it a bit more before we went because it was a bit gory and had some nudity, but it wasn’t too awful for a 13-year-old. I did win a pirate hat so there is that! We will be going back for their next movie too.

Otherwise the only thing going on around here was my physical therapy for my rotator cuff, going back to the doctor and job hunting. I have decided that if I can get the money I am more than willing to move to any number of places. Maybe I’ll set myself up an account for donations! LOL! I have thought about going back to school for a 2nd Masters degree in Global Studies, but I’m so undecided about it.

There is the cost to start with, and choosing a school (one of the better programs is in a place that I would rather not move back to). Then there is my age. I know that you’re never to old to go to school, but honestly right now I just want to be working! Perhaps I need to consider a program that I can attend part-time and still work. Best of both worlds so to speak. I must consider this more!

In the meantime, it’s time to get my stuff together and get Ty to his Noggin Shack night!!


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