WooHoo! No Surgery!

20120309 Physical Therapy Equipment

20120309 Physical Therapy Equipment (Photo credit: kbrookes)

I probably shouldn’t start typing this yet or at least get someone to edit it before I post it because I’m on some pain meds and anything prescription always makes me loopy, but I’m doing it anyway! Ha!

Today it was my turn to go to the orthopedic surgeon! I have had shoulder pain for a while and an MRI came back with the conclusion that I had a small tear and some degenerative changes. The doc today gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder, told me I needed to get on some anti-inflammatory, gave me a pain pill and set me up with physical therapy. In a month after I’ve had about nine physical therapy appointments I have to go back to see if there is any improvement. He said that they tear was so small that he did not want to do surgery if we could make it better through medication and strengthening of the shoulder. It sounds like a plan to me because I prefer to not have surgery if I can help it.

Of course I have a weird reaction to Lortab pain medication and according to the pharmacist the medicine I was given is similar so it was possible that would have what amounts to an allergic reaction, and just my luck I did! I hate it when that happens to because my symptoms are listed under the “severe reaction” list but I never know if I should go to the doctor/ER even if I start to feel better. Tightness in the chest, excessive sweating, fast or irregular heartbeat, loss of coordination (for a moment), severe nausea, severe dizziness, chills and shaking all over, but after laying down in the floor with a fan blowing on me I started feeling better after about 15 minutes. I don’t have to take the next dose, but then what if I start hurting? It’s not like my insurance won’t have a fit if they try to give me a new medicine tonight. I have decided that as long as I don’t feel bad I will call my doctor tomorrow, and just not take another dose of the Tramadol. In the meantime I should be in bed because I’m due to substitute at 7 a.m. in the morning (did I mention that I’m not a morning person!)!!


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