Some days are just bad

MRI of rotator cuff full-thickness tear

MRI of rotator cuff full-thickness tear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday started out just fine and by 11:30 a.m. it was on a downhill slide! First, I had to get the call from J.R.’s mother of all people (because the temp agency can not be bothered to correct there information any of the dozen times they have been told) that J.R. was officially unemployed. Well that’s just great, now neither of us have jobs. What really made it better was both of us blowing up to ease the stress factor. Of course he thinks that I’m never stressed and shouldn’t be so I was once again wrong in his mind for everything I said and did. Luckily I did get him to listen when I said that their was no sense in him driving to town to pick up his check and tools since I had to go already. He rode with Ty and I, dropped us off at our doctor’s appointment and went to do what he needed to do.

Got in the doctor’s office and Ty was complaining about a rash, I figured it was nothing because it usually is, until he showed it to me. He had this funky red rash all over his buttocks and back! They gave him a steroid shot and a cream but the pharmacy didn’t have the cream yesterday. This morning he woke up to it being mostly gone. The doc also sent him for an x-ray of his wrist/arm because he has this knot on it. I still don’t know what they results are. Then to top it all off I find out that I have a small tear in my rotator cuff, a lot of inflammation and mild degenerative changes. I go to the orthopedic doctor next week to find out what he has to say!

So today I have been trying to do some work around the house, get J.R. to get off his butt and work on my grocery list and try to find coupons! Now I am off to the grocery store then when I get home I will be job hunting and working on my research paper. I have been considering going back to school for my accounting degree, but paying for a second Bachelors is difficult!

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