Not Sorry!

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not sorry that it has been a week since I posted a blog! I have had a fabulous time unwinding and just trying to enjoy life! In fact from Thursday evening until yesterday afternoon the only internet access I had was on my cell phone and I didn’t even get on there very much! I spent the day Thursday packing everything I would need for the weekend, then Ty and I hopped in the car and enjoyed watching the Nashville Predators beat the Dallas Stars! We raced home where one of my fabulous sisters and niece was waiting for us and after packing everything into my car we headed off for North Carolina to visit one of my other sisters and niece!

I ended up being awake for 24 hours, but my sisters were kind and took the kids out for a while and let me get some sleep! We spent Saturday at Myrtle Beach, SC, where both Ty and I got sunburnt; he worse than I because he didn’t put sunblock on when I told him to. It was a great time and I am going to have to add it to my list of places that I would like to go back to and explore some more! Sunday my great sisters went and bought plastic eggs and candy and we spread them out behind the apartment for the kids to hunt. They had a great time! Then we cooked out some burgers and dogs and just enjoyed sitting around talking and playing more Phase 10.

We headed toward home about 8:30 EST, and were making great time until the car suddenly felt like it was sliding around on oil around 10:30 or so. Flat tire on the side of the interstate about 10 miles outside of Asheville, NC. Not one car pulled over to offer assistance to two females standing on the side of the road with luggage piled up behind the car. I am very glad that I know how to change a tire, otherwise who knows how long we would have been there with three kids in the back of the car. I did however spend the entire time scared to death that my car was going to be hit. Only a handful of vehicles moved over a lane, and 98% of them didn’t even bother to slow down. Getting out of the driver’s side of the car was taking my life into my hands and I had to move fast! At least there was something of a shoulder to the road, but barely. The driver side was really close to the white line and I had just enough room between the car and the guard rail to change the tire. When did people stop thinking of others and become so self-absorbed? It’s a sad state of affairs I tell ya.

Monday was my birthday so after getting a bit of sleep I sat around feeling yucky (from lack of sleep I believe), and continuing to relax! Now it’s back to the grindstone as the saying goes!


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  1. bornattwentyfive
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 22:22:11

    Great pic!


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