Great things come in small packages…part 2

Lavinia Warren. Library of Congress descriptio...

Lavinia Warren. Library of Congress description: "Miss Lavinia Warren". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than write a very large post I decided to break this one up into a couple of posts, so to continue with the previous subject:

I mentioned in my previous post that I do not have dwarfism or any of the related conditions, but as a person of petite height, i.e. short, I can relate to some of the things they go through in relation to dealing with people and being able to do some things. There are many times when someone will not think I can lift something, reach something or just generally do something because of my height. Yes, sometimes I have to find a way to overcome my short stature in this world made for and by tall people, but it is very seldom that I can’t do something on my own because of my height; not being able to do it due to strength is a different story! I keep a step stool in my house so that when J.R. is not here I can still reach things on my own. This weekend I was outside weed eating and cutting down small trees. I can not even begin to tell you the number of people who slowed down and gave me funny looks like I was a circus exhibit. When I was in Army basic training there were many who thought I would never be able to keep up on marches and runs because I was “so short” (I finished a 10 or 15 K march with a pulled groin muscle and my two mile run time was 12-14 minutes). I was never left behind on a march or run of any type unless I was running with my “battle buddy” that was waiting on a discharge and didn’t care.

I know that I have a hard time relating to my son who doesn’t like to read and “book smarts” doesn’t come easy, but I still try to understand and figure out how I can relate. I do not automatically assume (ass/u/me) that he can’t do something just because he doesn’t do it or learn it the same way as I do. I have found that too many people automatically think that my life is so difficult or that there are so many things I can not do just because of my height. I don’t understand this thought process.

It doesn’t matter a person’s height, or weight, or hair color, or disability, or where they came from no one should judge another until they know them personally.

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