Great things come in small packages…part 1

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a person of petite height I have always said that about myself. I don’t mind being short, I am happy and comfortable with my height of 5-f00t-1. It does create some big problems though, some easier to overcome than others. Let me add that I have the additional problem of being overweight currently, and I do not have any of the conditions that might be called dwarfism (people with dwarfism and related conditions are generally 4-foot-10 and under).

It is difficult to shop for clothing, this is made more difficult by my weight. If I was a much smaller weight (which I am slowly working to achieve) I could shop in the juniors section and find clothes that fit me better, because I am not a smaller weight I can not do this easily. The additional problem with that however is that it is very hard to find professional clothes in the junior section, and while the clothes found there are in style I can’t say they are in style for someone over the age of 30. Finding any kind of clothing that doesn’t have to be altered in some way is slowly becoming easier, but add my weight problem and it’s still nearly impossible. I manage to make due with what I can find, sometimes I will alter my hems and/or sleeves if I need to.

I have also found that I often have a problem with people being what they think is funny. I’m not talking about the “how’s the weather down there” jokes, I actually don’t get a lot of those. I do however get a lot of “haha, I’m taller than you,” and “it must be really hard to be so short.” I don’t understand why people think that I should be so unhappy with my height. My son seems to love looking at me and saying “I’m taller than you mommy.” He says it all the time, and while he may just be being proud of the fact that he is growing up he does it in a way that has the undertone of “haha mommy I’m taller than you what are you going to do about it.” I’ve known from the moment I found out I was pregnant that he would be taller than me, his daddy is 6-foot-3! I have yet to figure out how to deal with this problem other than saying “Great things come in small packages”!

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