Change and Signs

Side view of a typical CPAP mask hooked up to ...

Side view of a typical CPAP mask hooked up to its air hose. The opening goes over the nose, the tabs press against the forehead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been trying to make myself sit down and write this for days and I keep getting distracted, but I’m finally getting to it now! I have had my CPAP machine for about a week now, and I can already tell a difference. I am still getting used to some adjustments and I did have to make a homemade cover for my mask itself. I was having a major condensation problem that took me a couple of days to figure out – warm breath + really cold room = condensation problem. I used my homemade cover last night and did not have any condensation problems. I still have to get used to not really being able to sleep on my right side like I normally do, but I’m sure with time I will get there.

I am already feeling better. I am sleeping better at night for the most part, and after I wake up in the morning I am awake. I don’t spend all day feeling tired, though it does still hit me early in the evening. I’ve been told that as I spend more night getting better sleep that I won’t feel fatigued in the evening anymore either, except as it normal. I have energy when I get up and get moving in the morning, which is part of the reason I keep getting distracted from typing this up, I think of a million things I need to do and just start doing them! I need to be out weed-eating on the yard now, but I want to actually get this posted so that one more thing is off my to-do list! I have realized how much of a hassle my CPAP machine will sometimes be (such as when traveling), but that’s a price I am willing to pay to start feeling better!

On another note, there is a family of Cardinals living somewhere around my house. Every time I see a Cardinal I think of my Momma. This particular male likes to attack the side view mirrors on the truck but very seldom does he come up to the house. Yesterday he spend a good portion of the day attacking my window. I finally raised it and put the screen in hoping to stop him, but as you can see it didn’t. (Yes I know I need to figure out how to get the yucky caulking off the areas it shouldn’t be, but I’m not in a hurry since I think we need to replace the window.) After I brought my cat (Mr. Marty) in from his time on the front porch the Cardinal came to the window again and when Mr. Marty tried to jump through the window after him the bird didn’t come back the rest of the day!

Now, I know in my head that the Cardinal was attacking a reflection, but I could not help but feel like someone was trying to tell me something. I never did get it if they were, but my intuition told me that it was so. I hope that if I did not get the message that whoever it was will keep pecking at me (so to speak) until I do get it!

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