Hurry before it happens again!

The Cycle of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - OSA

The Cycle of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - OSA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am of course talking about losing my phone line and internet. Tuesday I actually lost water for a long while and had to go to my “in-laws” for a shower. Yes, the county cut the water line. I’m not sure if they actually cut the phone line again or just bumped it because it’s just a temporary above-ground fix. Since the phone and internet came back on Tuesday evening I have been trying to get this typed up and posted, but it seems to have become nearly impossible!

Last week J.R. also started trying to do some much-needed repairs around our little P.O.S. trailer, and figured he would do some minor remodeling that I’ve wanted. As is often typical when you think something will be minor and easy we found much more than we bargained for and the cost rose quickly. J.R. has recently changed jobs, which is a blessing, so know he works seven 12 hour days then he is off for seven days. He just went back for his next seven days yesterday, but last weekend he had the chance for some overtime. It was a real aggravation because the overtime allowed him to make back a good portion of the money we spent on the material for the repair/remodel, but it also meant that he had three less days to work on it. So my poor Ty is sleeping in the living room floor on a mattress and my bathroom is in shambles and there is nothing I can really do about it until next Thursday when J.R. is off work again.

I finally got my CPAP machine, however they didn’t have the mask I wanted in stock so hopefully it will show up in the next few days. I am looking forward to seeing the difference it makes. I keep hearing that I am going to feel like a different person after using it for a couple of weeks, so I wonder who I’m going to feel like if I don’t feel like me! The school system I substitute in is out on spring break next week so I have ideas of things that I want to get done, fingers crossed that I start feeling better after I get my mask!!


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