That was an adventure…not!

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I spent the last 75 hours or so without a home phone or internet. Now except for the fact that I was extremely bored so I actually managed to get some extra things done around the house being without internet wouldn’t normally be an issue. Turning off all the electronic devices that so many of us have tied ourselves too is a good thing once in a while. To remember what life was like before all of that, and for those young enough to not remember/know those times to show them how fun life could be when you actually enjoyed life with other people and not having to be available to everyone at the same time! I also know that many no longer have home phones and rely solely on a cell phone. There are two problems for me though. First I can not pick up a good and reliable cell phone signal at my house because I live down in a holler, so if I needed emergency services I might or might not have been able to on my cell phone. The other problem is that I am currently a substitute teacher in one of the local counties and I get my jobs via a telephone call or by looking on the internet, so being without a phone and internet messed with my money and that upsets me!

Now to make the adventure so much more fun the reason I have been without phone and internet is because the local county road workers cute the line for a second time. I live on a gravel road so they have to come out and work on the road every once in a while, but you would think they would learn eventually that there are lines buried under the ground. The last time AT&T came out to fix the line they didn’t bother to rebury it and just left it sticking about 3 feet up out of the ground. I called AT&T on Wednesday and let them know about it and they said that it should be fixed by eight p.m. on Thursday. I got a phone call on Thursday saying it wouldn’t be done that night but they would be working on it first thing Friday morning. Okay that was fine because I had managed to catch a job via my cell phone. However, Friday afternoon there was still no phone and no one had been out so I called just to check on the status and was told that they repair ticket had been closed and said it was fixed. Luckily they came out and got it back up today. I don’t think they have completely fixed the two cuts in the line so I’m sure they will have to turn things off at some point for a while, but at least I’m up and running for now!

Now I’m going to go back to my NPR podcasts!! Hope you have/had a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


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  1. yourlifeforless
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 09:24:34

    I agree that turning off our devices occasionally can be a good thing. It helps us connect to those around us and also makes us appreciate the technology we have available to us.

    Thanks for the mention!


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