Things are looking up!

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I have not kept up with this blog like I have wanted too, but I am hopeful that things are starting to look up and turn around. After a long battle of trying to find out what was medically wrong with me we seem to finally be finding the problems. My doctor sent for me a sleep study that I attended two weeks ago and it came back with a diagnosis of severe sleep apnea. Apparently I stop breathing or have very shallow breathing an average of 36 times an hour. So I went back for the CPAP test and the machine seemed to work for me. Now I’m just waiting on the sleep study company, my doctor and my insurance company to argue things out so I can get my machine.

I had never really looked into the consequences of sleep apnea before my diagnosis; as is normal with most people. Now I know a bit more about it and look forward to feeling better as my body heals itself through sleep. I still need to lose some weight and I’m working on that also, most studies say that once your sleep is better it should become easier to lose weight if you have had problems. Memory problems, concentration problems, immune system problems, weight problems and mood problems are just some of the things that can result from not getting enough sleep.

All I know is that I look forward to feeling like me again and if this helps then I am all for it!

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