Happy New Year

Tai Chi in the street, China, May 2007

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It’s a new year, a time when many are making new year’s resolutions. I have decided that since I can never keep my resolutions I have a list of changes I want to start working on. The most common belief is that it takes 30 days to start or break a habit, so one of my goals is to work on my changes for at least 30 days and then evaluate. The following is my list (in no particular order), or at least what I have in mind already:

Start my day with some type of exercise (right now I am working on a bit of Tai Chi)
Have Family Game Night (even if it’s only Ty and I)
Get a job
Start saving money in order to afford a move
Not let people run over me or put me down (I may have to put up with some while I work on my goals, but I will only put up with enough to not end up making Ty and I homeless)
Start doing things I enjoy
Live life for Ty and myself
Lose weight and feel comfortable in my own skin
Get my teeth fixed
Actually post a blog with my progress and thoughts at least once a week!

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  1. Exercise for weight loss
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 09:47:29

    All the best for everyone’s weight loss goals in the new year!


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