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Yesterday the news broke that treasured, retired Nashville Predator Wade Belak was found in his condo having passed from this Earthly world. He was such a wonderful person to everyone, in fact, I can’t think of a picture I’ve seen (off the ice) that he wasn’t smiling. He was always willing to laugh with the fans. He was an all around wonderful man – as a hockey player, media darling, volunteer firefighter, husband, father and friend (though I can not verify all of those through personal experience of course).

My heart is heavy for his family and close friends. He will always be in the hearts of Predators fan and remembered very fondly.

I love hockey. The action, the love, the friends to be made, there’s just no real way to describe why I love hockey so much. If you’ve never been to a live hockey game, go if you ever get the chance; it’s not the same on television. When you become a fan learn a bit more about the guys out there on the ice. They are human just like the rest of us, they play a hard game on the ice and still make time for the fans. Unlike another popular sport, you very rarely hear of a hockey player acquiring a rap sheet and if you look deeper you will find that they give a lot of time and money to various charities without making it a news story every time.

The hockey world, hell the world in general, have lost some good people this year; people who will be missed. No matter the reason they are no longer with us remember that they were people too, loved by someone, and often with families left to carry on. Take a moment of your time to bow your head and/or raise your arms and say a prayer to your deity(s) of choice for those left to be blessed with continued love and the ability for time to heal their pain.

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  1. practicallypurple
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 21:27:18

    We have lost 3 greats this year since the off season began! Too many! I’m praying that there are no more deaths and that these players get the mental health care they need!


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