Change your life?

Taihang Shan Mountains in North China

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That is what I have been trying to do; change my life. I have spent the last six years in school trying to get a good education so that I can get a career that I can love, and that will help me give more to my son. Now I am almost to that goal. I am looking for the place to start my career, some days that seems to be going better than others. The biggest obstacle to reaching that goal now is a gross oversight on my part. The only thing I have left to do in order to receive my M.A. in Corporate Communication is my research paper. I am writing it on the underrepresention of female journalists in male-dominated magazine genres; specifically automobiles and sports. What did I not do? I did not start getting my magazines when I should have, so now I have the copies of only one of the 20 total magazines that I need. I am comparing the United States to magazines in Australia because the gender views are relatively the same.

The hard part about getting those magazines and why I should have started at least a year ago is that I did not stop to consider how I was going to finance the acquisition of these said magazines without a job. I can’t believe I was such a dunce; no really I can believe it and because I can believe it I spend all my time stressing myself out about it.

Since I don’t have an income yet I am coming to you. If you can help me get any issues (need one copy from six different months of each), dated within the last two years, of the following magazines please send me a message.

Motor Trend
Road & Track
Hot Rod Magazine
Top Gear
Street Machine
4×4 Australia

Sports Illustrated
ESPN The Magazine
Golf Digest
Golf Magazine
Field & Stream
Inside Sport
Australian Golf Digest
Australian Rugby News & Review
Four Four Two

You have my deepest gratitude, my most sincere thanks and I will tell my little part of the world how great you are!

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