Hope it was a wonderful celebration

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I don’t know about you but I had a wonderful holiday weekend. I started my weekend out by heading to the off-road park on Saturday! It was late when we got there, and I was kicking myself in the butt because J.R. had promised to take me to Papa Boudreaux’s (a Cajun place in Santa Fe, TN), but I was hungry and forgot his promise so I made him stop at Sonic! After breaking the rear drive-shaft I ended up hitting my snooze button about 12:30. J.R. woke me up about 4 a.m. looking for his clean clothes and the shower bag. After he showered we headed home and I dozed off and on the entire time.

Sunday I didn’t do much, cleaned house a bit before going into town to go grocery shopping. We watched the fireworks some as we were driving out, they were very pretty, but didn’t match the music at all! Then Monday was another chill out day before we grilled some steaks and watched fireworks shows on TV. I look forward to having a job so that next year I can start making Independence Day celebrations a big deal for Ty.

I have a couple of good-looking job leads going on now, and of course I’m still applying for more jobs everyday that I consider a work day and a few that I don’t! I’m still stressed over not having a job and thus having no money.

I haven’t really talked about it before on here but J.R. and I have an odd relationship. Most of the time it feels like we are really just roommates. We keep all our finances separate and we don’t really even discuss them with each other. I know what the bills are around the house and try to help keep them down but otherwise I couldn’t tell you how much money he makes or has in the bank, or what he owes that isn’t related to the house. He makes sure Ty has everything he needs and he will often buy me things that I want, but it never feels like we’re a couple and I usually don’t think of us as such. Which is a big reason it stresses me out to have no money. I can’t do anything for myself, and to even go on a job interview I have to ask him to fill up my car, which luckily he will do. I just know that I will feel a lot better when I am supporting myself again. I look forward to going a step further and moving into a place of my own. My hope is that I will accomplish that by the first of the year, but I know that while I have the opportunity there are some ducks I need to make sure I have in the right rows. 13 years of feeling like a guest in your house is way too long!

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