Can you answer a telephone?

Country Roads

Image by Tanozzo via Flickr

I took a couple of days break there, busy with the job hunt, home duties and just not feeling 100%. The job hunt has not been going very well, I have put in more applications and worked on my resume, but still seems to be a kick in the rear. Monday I had to take Ty to the eye doctor for a yearly exam, he has better than 20/20 vision. When I got home it was clean some and look for jobs. Tuesday I went to the Career Center in Clarksville to speak with a representative from a company. She was very nice and made me feel confident that I could get something in their call center so I applied. This morning I get an automated email saying that my qualifications are impressive but I don’t qualify. I don’t qualify to answer a phone? Right now I am angry. I feel like I wasted six years of my life doing something I never should have done and I just need to go back to being the ugly idiot working in a factory. Hell I know I’m not cute enough to work with the public, apparently I’m not good enough either. I guess I can’t lose that “country kid” persona and I need to quit trying. Problem with that is that I’m not going too. I know I’m better than this. It will likely take moving away from this area to do it, but I can’t afford that now, so I will just keep looking.

I still don’t feel good so I’m bouncing between feeling sorry for myself and being pissed. Hopefully tomorrow at least makes me feel better.


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