Closer to my normal today!


Image by Lady-bug via Flickr

It feels so good to wake up and feel a lot closer to my normal happy self, the problems are still there but I’m seeing them better today instead of being grumpy. I have Alan Jones (an Australian radio personality) playing via iTunes while I do some more job searching this morning. I applied for quite a few yesterday, even some that I really do not think I would like, but I could do them. I won’t apply for waitress jobs because I know that I would not be able to do a great job for a long period of time. I could be a waitress, but there are others who can do the job so much better than I.

Yesterday was a day of rejections, even one that I was really hoping for, but it was also a day of moving on and finding other opportunities. I have always tried to have the outlook of “when one door closes, another opens”; yesterday it was hard to keep that, but I have it back today. Yesterday was not a good day, and I did not do enough to change it, but today is already looking better. I won’t get my hopes up, but I found a job this morning that if I got it I would cry with joy!

Later I have to put the tent up for Ty, and I think I will take a short drive later just to get out of the house for a bit!

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