Same stuff, new day.

Cartoon of a redneck hillbilly.

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I’m not sure I should even write a post today. Combined with yesterday I’m in an emotional place where I am being really down on myself. I have low self-esteem, or perhaps just no confidence in myself I’m not sure which would be the best description; either way it creates a snowball effect for me. I don’t talk to people, then of course they don’t talk to me and I start to feel like nobody likes me. Which some people may not like be, but that is their problem not mine! I am just in a crappy mood, and received yet another rejection, which doesn’t surprise me. I’m just feeling like I went through all those years of school for nothing, and that I should just find myself another factory job and quit trying to be anything other than the backwoods hick everyone thinks I am anyway. I feel like I’m just trying to be a better class of loser and since it’s not working I might as well go back to the hick who does everything the man tells her to do without complaint. I’m stopping now because no one reads this anyway.


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