And it’s Monday

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It’s that day the comes around every week and seems to kick people in the butt, of course I would love to have a reason to get up early on Monday. So far though I have not managed it. I decided to keep my weekends to myself and not blog unless I just can’t help myself. Today I have so much I need to do that is not job hunt related but I’m nervous about some of it. I spent the weekend doing some cleaning around the house starting work on a puzzle that may beat me and trying to figure out why all the muscles on my right side hurt and I felt like a sausage stuffed in too small of a skin.

I never did figure anything out for sure, but I did take an allergy pill last night before I went to bed. I tried to have a discussion with J.R. about my future moving plans, it did not go very well and I still do not know where we will stand when I move. I shouldn’t worry about it now when the time is still so far away, but I’m just trying to make plans and set goals. I am thinking that I need to plan to be doing this by myself and if he joins then things will be easier to adjust to.

I also started on my path to using coupons more often. I bought a Sunday paper and I found a few websites. Any way I can save money right now is the way to go!

I still do not have the motivation to exercise like I should but I am working on it anyway. I haven’t done anything today, but I’m planning a walk later. In the meantime I am trying to work on finishing my research paper. I am having some trouble right now finding a reliable source for the best selling magazines in Australia, but by the end of the day I will have figured out something. In the meantime it’s noon and I haven’t showered yet. I’m actually being a chicken because I darn near hacked my leg off showering on Saturday and I know it’s going to sting when the water hits it! Here’s to a high pain tolerance!

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  1. Suzanne Pitner
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 22:53:26

    Thanks for the link to my blog,! I’m now subscribed to yours. Good luck on the job hunt.


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