Promising in some ways, sad in others

Obese woman

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I woke up yesterday morning to good news in my inbox. I had replies from two of the companies I sent my resume to and one of them was a job interview. Now that’s not to say that things will continue to go so wonderful with these two companies, anything could happen, but it is a great start for me. I look forward to having a job, though I will admit that it will take some getting used to. I will have to develop a new routine, but that’s okay in the end it will be worth it!

I did fill out another job application or two yesterday, but I also worked on a few personal things that I needed to work on and started writing on my novel again.

I also was lazy and spent some time playing video games! I look forward to playing some again today, but only after I have applied for at least one job and worked on other things. Ty is still home and I am going to have to start sending him outside more often now that it’s not 105 with the heat index.

The sad part of my day is that somehow I am gaining weight, though I am pretty sure that a good portion of that is hormonal now. That means more changes are in store because I can’t stand to be the weight I am now. I will try to be healthy about it, but I know that I could go to eating nothing but bare minimum salads which isn’t healthy. I did do better about drinking more water and less caffeine yesterday, I have been moving around much more than normal, but not really exercising so today I have to add that even though I am horrible about exercising. I’ll just have to step on the scale to remind myself why I am exercising!

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