Could I be more boring?

Spanish speaking percent per state. Blue is 50...

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Yesterday was doctor appointment day. I love my doctor, she is fabulous! She is working on taking care of a few issues I have and I look forward to them being fixed. I was home by 11 a.m. and the boys had been up maybe 30 minutes but were already playing video games. I sat down in my chair and started working on a few things before just nodding off in the middle. I ended up taking a 30 minute nap. After waking up I went right back to working on things I needed to do. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final was the highlight to my otherwise boring day! Go Boston!

I submitted my resume for several more jobs, but I have yet to have any of them ask for interviews. I keep working on improving my resume and cover letter, but I’m either aiming to high (I don’t think so) or it all looks that bad. I am trying to improve my speaking level of Spanish and remember French so that I can add those two items to my resume.

I would really like to jump up and go on another travel adventure, but when you’re broke you can’t really do that. I was supposed to go to my brothers wedding next weekend, but they changed their minds and stopped at the courthouse earlier this month. They say they did it to save money, which I understand and believe, but I think they also did it just because they were so excited about getting married and everything that has been going on in their lives!

In the mean time, my boring life is still busy and loopy; grocery shopping to do, laundry, house cleaning and job seeking. I also have a pile of books I want to read, some TV shows to watch and the Playstation to play! Lets see how it goes!

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