Almost made it

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I almost made it a lazy Sunday. I did paint some walls, but I love to paint so I don’t count that as work. After I woke up I eventually went and picked up my brother, D. D., and Ty and then came home. D.D. brought his PlayStation 3 over and we spent a lot of time playing Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City between painting and just goofing off. I did do one load of laundry, but I don’t really count that either. Later yesterday evening we went out to eat at the decent Mexican restaurant in town. D.D. doesn’t get to eat out much so he really enjoyed it, and showed Ty how to appreciate getting to go out to eat. I put temporary teal streaks in my hair, but I didn’t get a good picture! Other than that it was an uneventful day. Today has been busy so far, but it will be tomorrow before you hear more about it! Have a wonderful Monday!

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