Good morning and last day of cruise review

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It is a  wonderful morning here in my part of the world! I did not get up via an alarm clock and I did not oversleep…too much. I hit the button on the coffeepot and sat outside on the porch for a little while because it was so nice. I look forward to the day when I have a porch that I can actually fit a small table and chair set one. Right now I have a chair out there but it takes up most of the space that is left from my stationary bike being out there. Now I’m getting sleepy though and I think it’s because I’m not really doing anything. Now I’m beginning to understand why I can no longer have full-out “lazy” days, because I don’t like to sleep that much I have to stay moving! Today I am going to try, but I have some walls to paint before I start playing video games, and before all of that I have to go pick up Ty and my brother D.D. from my mothers house. They stayed there last night and are staying here tonight. Maybe she has something I can use to work on my puzzles since carpet doesn’t do well and I don’t have a dining room table. That’s something else I look forward to having once I get into a bigger place!

Yesterday was boring for me. I went to the local state park with my  mother, brother and Ty. The boys fished a little bit and played in the water some, but otherwise we did a lot of walking around, and I took some pictures. The exercise was good and I need to get out and walk some today, perhaps I’ll do that when I go to mothers, make her walk with me since she needs the exercise too. Then I rode to work with J.R. and made him buy me paint brushes, a chocolate shake and pizza for dinner. I came home watched some TV and then went to bed.

I put my resume out to a couple more places yesterday, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to do any looking today. I think it’s a good day to ‘rest’.

May 14 Carnival Fascination Pulls into Jacksonville, FL:

Our luggage had been put out the night before except what we knew we would need for the next day. We woke up by 6 and getting close to being in port. Our number was 16 so we knew we had some time before it we were called to get off the boat, we had to be out of our room by 8 though. We got quick showers, double checked the room grabbed the bags we were carrying with us and went to get some breakfast. We had both called home as soon as we realized that we were no longer roaming, and I was ready/needed to be at home for many reasons. We were not scheduled to leave for a few more days, but I decided to see what it would take to leave sooner. I checked flights and knew there was one we would make it to, so I called the hotel and explained the situation. Luckily after having to call a dozen different numbers I found someone who could help me and she very wonderful and understanding. She got my reservation cancelled and everything sorted out in no time! I called the airline and though I had to pay for an upgrade (I would have spent more by staying in Jacksonville for those days) the customer service rep had me set up in no time. As I was taking care of all of that we were waiting in The Palace Theater for our number to be called and sure enough they called it while I was on the phone. We managed to get off the boat and walk down to the luggage area where we quickly found our luggage and headed for the customs officer. I handed him my already filled out slip and after he looked at it let me continue. It was so much easier than I expected it to be. We got on our prepaid shuttle and had him drop us off at the airport. The customer service lady at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter was beyond wonderful. If everyone was like her maybe people would be less grumpy! We walked up to her counter at 10:20 or so booked on the 3 p.m. flight. She said “oh I can get you on the 1 p.m. flight then you won’t have to wait so long, too bad you didn’t get here just a little bit sooner I could have gotten you on the 10:20 flight.” I just happened to be looking at the board behind her there listed the flights and mentioned that it said the 10:20 flight was delayed. Well that did it she had us on standby for the 10:20 flight and booked on the 1 p.m. flight within 60 seconds! It was so quick that I didn’t even get a chance to ask her name so I could tell Southwest how awesome she was (maybe someone will read this and it will get back to them?). We got to the gate and asked the customer service rep there how things were looking and she said we would make it on the flight they had to change a bulb or something and we were good to go. We got on the plane around 11 and was on the ground at our home airport by 11:30 our time.


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