Fill in the blank and cruise review Half Moon Cay

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Today has just been frustrating. It’s been one of those days where I really just want to act like a 5-year-old with a hissy fit or something. I woke up way too late and it made me very grumpy, and I just didn’t feel like doing anything after that. But I had to get some things done so I got moving; actually I made Ty get moving. We finally left  to pick up a few groceries that I needed and be there when J.R. had his eye doctor appointment. While we were in Walmart (ugg!!) Ty decided to do his smart-mouth, know-it-all attitude and it was just really wearing on my nerves. It was very difficult for me to keep my cool and try to be an educational mom instead of  a hateful one when I told him that what he was looking at required something special and he told me I was wrong. I had just read it on the box, and he’s 12, much to old to continue the “you’re stupid mom” attitude. He did it again after we got home. Most of the time I don’t mind explaining to him why I do something the way I do it, or letting him know what is going on in what is typically the “adult world” but he doesn’t know when to stop and just take care of what he needs to take care of. Then I was sure I had pork chops in the fridge, but couldn’t find them when I went to cook them. Overall it made for a stressful day for me, but it will pass quickly, especially after I go to bed.

I didn’t do anything on the job search today, and it was simply because I over-involved myself in some stress reducing activities. (Cleaning out my closet so it could be fixed!)

Wednesday May 11 Carnival Fascination:

Today we arrived in Half Moon Cay and Oh My Gosh it was beautiful!

We woke up early as we would the entire trip, but we didn’t worry about watching the ship pull into port because at Half Moon Cay it is a tender port. We got some breakfast and walked around before finally starting down the stairs to get on a tender. The island, water and sand are all so beautiful, and as the tender pulled into port I was getting more excited. Once again when we got there we looked around at all the little shops they had, including a post office! I wanted to send a post card home but I didn’t bring money for a stamp! We eventually found our way to some chairs that were mostly in the shade. We finally got into the water and it was beyond great. I love the color, but it was so salty I couldn’t believe it. We spent all day in the water and reading in our chairs, then decided to go get some lunch. What we didn’t know is that they packed everything up from lunch by 2:30 p.m, and we had trouble finding where the food was. So even though the last tender wasn’t until 4:30 we caught the little tram back to the tender dock. We finally got some lunch and after getting a shower slowly headed to dinner. I can’t really recall anything we did after that, and I have not managed to unpack my journal yet! I know there was not any comedians on board and we weren’t interested in the show that night. I think this may have been the one early night we had! Half Moon Cay was so beautiful, Carnival certainly picked a place that people will want to go back to…often!

Tomorrow is shopping in Nassau, but for now it’s past my bedtime!


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