Feeling great, and cruise review reaches Grand Turk

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Today has just felt like a great day! I didn’t go to bed until 1 a.m. this morning because my brother D.D. was over and I was trying to let him and Ty see how long they could hang. I finally made them go to bed. I woke up at 5 a.m. with a horrible charlie horse in my calf. I got up and walked to the bathroom to try to walk it out, which it worked very well because by the time I got back to bed it was eased enough to go back to sleep. My coffee pot came on around 7 a.m. which freaked out J. who got fussed out for waking me up before my alarm went off. It took me a little while to wake up but I finally got in the shower and the entire day has just felt great! I went to the office at school and had a nice chat with the few people who were there, and hope to see them again soon to hang out.

I sent my resume in for a few jobs today, I received an email to fill out the full application from one of them! I look forward to seeing how things continue to go and writing more about it.

Tuesday May 10 on Carnival Fascination:

Woke up in time to realize that we were pulling into Grand Turk so we turned on the television to watch it via video feed and hurried to get dressed! We went out to the front of the ship to watch the dock hands tie it up, and there was a guy from one of the beach bars making all kinds of noise and telling us why we needed to visit his place instead of any others. We finally got off the boat and into the cruise center itself which we walked all around and looked at the little shops there were there before starting a walk down the beach. We walked all the way to the place called “Jack’s Shack” which I had read online was a really great place and it might have been but the $10 for a burger and fries (I didn’t see a kitchen of any sort) made me  think I could eat a burger on the boat for free. Perhaps I was being extra cautious because it was my first time out of the United States, but there were no other people in that area except about 7 or 8 locals and they seemed really nice, but I was still nervous. We walked back down the beach and ended up at the place with the noisy guy but there were lots of other cruisers hanging out there, the beer was a good price and he had volleyball and tug-of-war! We grabbed a couple of chairs under an umbrella and waded out into the beautiful, crystal clear water! We laughed about the dog that carried its leash around with it and took pictures of it walking under water! The water was a little chilly when we first got in, but it took seconds for it to get comfortable. After enjoying the slightly salty water we went back to our chairs, but then went right to a game of tug-of-war. J.K. played beach volleyball after we won tug-of-war, but I was busy taking pictures and loving it! We then had lunch at Margaritaville. The food was great, but the surface was so horrible that I will never go there again. When we first walked up we asked if we needed to wait to be seated because there was no indication and the waiter said no to seat ourselves. We chose a table right near where we were standing because it was empty in the area and had a nice view of the water and ship. Well, island time or not, finally the newlywed couple beside us gave us their menu, and several minutes later we finally had a waitress. We already knew what we wanted to eat so we ordered our food with our drinks, mostly because we didn’t know when she would be back. After another long wait, which I worried that our food may be cold when we received it, our food did arrive and it was a nice edible temperature without being too cool or too hot. As we were eating our lunch it was getting closer to the time that we had to be back on the ship so we asked for our check when the waitress stopped at our table. We waited, but she didn’t come back. Finally she came to check on the table beside us again and they asked for their check and reminded her about our check. By this time we are done eating and my drink is empty, and finally we get our check. It has an automatic 15% gratuity, that I really did not feel our waitress had earned but I wasn’t going to think twice about it because I was sure that if they didn’t add the gratuity then the waiters/waitresses usually didn’t get one. Even with that automatic gratuity the bill was only $17 so I gave her a $20 bill and waited. She never came back and in fact completely avoided our area of the restaurant, including other tables she had until I didn’t have time to argue over an extra $3. That may not seem like a lot of money, and really it’s not and I don’t know how much they get paid and I’m sure it’s generally a poor country, however, this is in the cruise center that was built just to get the tourists to spend their money there and many things were more expensive than they were even worth. I felt like she had just stolen $3 from me, she most certainly took advantage of the tourists there that day and that’s what makes me angry. If you want my charity ask for it, don’t steal it.

The rest of our day was just hanging out around the ship and dinner. After dinner went to watch some of the activities and played bingo. We wanted to go to the Mega Deck party but the ship went though an extremely brief storm and the Lido deck was soaked so they had to reschedule the party. After that we just relaxed around the ship and then went to bed! Tomorrow is Half Moon Cay review!




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