Being a student might have been easier & more cruise review

The orca, the largest dolphin and pack predato...

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I have been home since the 14th of May and I don’t think I have actually stopped and done nothing for more than a few minutes at a time. I think I was less on the go as a student then I am as a temporary stay-at-home mom. I can’t say I got any real cleaning done today, but I did get many things done in relation to my job search and some projects started around the house. Ty’s room is coming along slowly since I’m making him do it, but I did get a mattress out of there today. Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out about storing some stuff at my mother’s house in anticipation of a minor yard sale we are planning. I also picked up one of her glider rockers that she didn’t want anymore and am sending my papasan to the garbage, it was a good chair (Ty loved to make it a bird nest with him being the bird) but when it was given to me it wasn’t in great shape so it was time for it to go. I’ve been working on cleaning up the glider rocker and taking an old blanket to recover some of the pieces. My closet shelf is falling down so going through my closet has started too, this is going to get interesting!

Finished my portfolio website today and discovered that my cover letter needed a major rewrite! Luckily everything is going smoothly!

Cruise: Sunday May 8. I had the alarm set for 8 am, but we were both up by 6-6:30. We went to the Lido deck for breakfast, and for me some coffee! Played bingo at 10, and generally looked around the boat and looked at everything and started to learn our way around all while getting in a round of mini-golf! We went to the Champagne Art Auction and I couldn’t resist I bid on some beautiful work of Orcas by Jim Collins. The auctioneer was a wonderful man named Michael from Australia (yeah I could drool over him some more) who got volunteers for a contest against him as to who could call all the auction card numbers fastest – I think he let me win and I want to discuss it when/if I find/run into him again!  Before the trip was over I ended up coming home with four small pieces of art work and had five mailed to me; but I did get a fabulous deal and am looking forward to moving to a bigger place so I can display it on the walls! By the time the auction was done it was time to go get changed for our first formal night. It was Mother’s Day and as they were all trip the crew was wonderful and the food was good. They gave all females a flower when they left which was a very lovely touch. A quick clothing change later had us back in The Palace Lounge for the show of the evening “Hey Mambo”. It was spectacular and the talent amazing. We got out in time to see the funny comedian, Tommy, for his 18+ show. We walked around the Lido deck some after that, but once again I was ready for bed, and still had not been out in the sun!

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