Almost a pretend ocean

Pacific Ocean

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(Editors note: this was supposed to post on Saturday evening, but I obviously did not schedule it correctly, so you get to enjoy two on the same day, thank you!)

Yesterday was an almost lazy day, except that I had some extra energy and just wanted to be on the go! I didn’t manage to get anywhere and I didn’t really clean on the house, but I did figure out how to make myself an almost pretend ocean. I am making Ty organize his room now that it’s cleaner and in the process of helping him found the noise machine that I bought a couple of years ago. One of the settings is ocean waves, so I set it in the window of my front door put a fan outside and spend a couple of hours (in the shade) working on my portfolio and pretending I was on a boat! I’ve decided I need to add a kiddie pool and lose the computer and really pretend to be on a boat!

The job search found some substance today. I somehow began looking at various apartments and calculating square footage (784 in current place) and getting excited about the kind of room I could have by moving into an apartment. That led to the thought that I have to get a job to be able to move and that of course led to my portfolio website being almost done! I am going to make a doctor’s appointment to take care of a couple of issues that cause me to be very self-conscious and hope that it goes well, but in the mean time my job search has  been upped a speed or four!

As for my cruise we were both awake before our alarms went off Saturday morning. We managed to get in touch with the shuttle company and they had room for us, but it wasn’t until the 1 pm shuttle. I really wanted to be there earlier, but I kept hearing that taxi prices were outrageous. After we had the shuttle set up we went to the front desk to ask about the bus stop and found out that the taxi wasn’t that bad after all. We called one and did a quick run to the local Walmart for some water, wine and little things we forgot or figured out we needed. We went back to the hotel and prepared to meet the shuttle, which after putting our luggage on one and us on another got us to the port in plenty of time! It seemed like no time at all before all forms were filled out, ship and sail cards were in hand and we were actually walking to the gangway. We had enough time to check out our room and set down the bags we carried on with us before it was time to head to our muster station. We actually had more time than we thought, but we got to The Palace Lounge (our muster station) just early enough to get great seats in the front…of the second level; before we learned that if we had to abandon ship we wanted to be on the side…of the bottom level. The muster drill went fine, if a bit slow and we headed out to look around the ship and see the whale tail (smoke stack which was closed off until after going under the bridge because of bridge repairs) on the Lido Deck. We did find the other Cruise Critic forum board cruisers, but I was so excited and wanting to see everything that I didn’t really stay long. I almost wish we would have set it up to sit together for dinner, but then I would have missed meeting some wonderful people. We went to the front of the ship after it went under the bridge and just enjoyed trying to get pictures of the dolphins and the fact that we were on vacation without hubbys, boyfriends or children. Dinner was early seating so we showed up right at six and finally found our table. We sat with seven wonderful people, and one hateful person (completely my opinion). I can’t even remember what I had, but I know I liked it and I fell in love with J.K.’s Warm Chocolate Melting Cake which I would have every night for the rest of the trip! Our waiters were fantastic and funny. After dinner we were glad to find our suitcases had arrived and we settled in a bit before going back to The Palace Lounge to watch the game show mania and then playing a game or two of bingo. We watched the Welcome Aboard Show with teasers from the comedian that were on board, and while we thought one of them was funny, the other couldn’t even keep a five-minute teaser family friendly. The funny one, Tommy, had an 18+ show starting at 11:30 that we managed to make it too and laugh, but man was I getting tired. As soon as his show was over I was more than ready for bed!


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