Road is paved with them, and day 1 of vacay review

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I had good intentions to go to bed early last night, but it didn’t work out that way at all! In fact I did not go to bed until 5 a.m. So of course, I slept until 10:30 this morning. I did however have J. wake me up enough to move into the living room where at least the daylight would help tell my body that it was time to be up and awake instead of asleep still. J sleeps in pitch black and freezing cold. He has all of the windows covered, an a/c unit in one window and this plastic backed curtain that he shoves into the door cracks. There is no way for light to enter that room and I think it causes part of my sleep problems.

My artwork from my cruise came in today! I am so excited! I really look forward to framing it all and moving into a new place where I can hang it on the walls. My favorite pieces are by an artist named Jim Collins. There is an Orca family, a Polar Bear family and a Wolf family; all very beautiful and very well done.

So far I have done nothing on the job search today, after waking up I did the laundry switch on the clothesline then rushed into town to do my grocery shopping fast enough to get home in time for J to drive my car to work. Since I’m broke and he’s putting gas in it I don’t complain about it (that would be asinine). Unless I actually get to bed at a decent hour tonight I plan on doing some job search work this evening. J’s birthday was earlier this week so I baked him a cake and made spaghetti for supper.

Now for the review of day one of my lovely vacation cruise. Graduation was at 10 a.m., and by 3 p.m. my best friend, J.K., and I were on our way to the airport for a 6:20 flight on Southwest. I do not like to fly because I’m afraid of heights but I also did not want to drive to Jacksonville, FL and not enjoy my first day of vacation. I added early bird check-in to our flight so after some major printing everything was ready to go. Security was annoying, but I did not have any problems, it was quickly and smoothly. We boarded the plane and I sat over the wing. I figured the turbulence might be less. I don’t know if it was or not, but I still made it to landing without completely freaking out. I called the hotel when we landed and jumped on our shuttle ride. After checking-in and throwing out bags in our room we literally ran across a busy road to visit the Waffle House for dinner. We booked a shuttle to the cruise port via the hotel only to get a phone call saying that they were actually booked. We decided to figure it all out the next morning and somehow through our excitement went to sleep!

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