Snow Days


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I am so done with them. If it wasn’t for television and the internet I would be going insane. I do not like snow or ice, never have, so I do my very best not to be out in it if I don’t have to. Ty has been out of school because the buses can not drive on the roads in the condition they are in. This is day six of having him. I am really looking forward to Saturday when I will have the entire day without him. I love him, but he’s so stubborn that I have to work to keep my temper sometimes.

I finally got out yesterday and went to town. I have to take the 4-wheel drive truck, and there was some ice on some roads still, but I got out of here. J. got my car off the top of the driveway last night so I can now drive it. There is still some ice, but as long as I’m a smart driver I shouldn’t have any problems.

Ty enjoyed playing outside making snowmen and sledding down the hill. I’ll just be glad when he goes back to school!


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