An hour to live?

Author: Bagande

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You have an hour to live what do you do with it?

I couldn’t even comprehend the fact that my life was ending in that amount of time there’s no way I could come up with what I wanted to do. I would likely do one of two things. I would either spend the time crying with my close friends and family, or I would take off and spend the time by myself.

If you told me I had six months, or a year I would do my very best to experience many of the things I want to experience and do it with the people I love. But an hour? It’s not enough time to do anything but tell the people I care about goodbye. I’m not even sure I could tell them goodbye because it would take me longer than an hour to process the information.

Don’t give me an hour, if all I have left is an hour don’t bother to tell me. Let me enjoy the last hour in ignorance, laughing and loving; not crying and worrying.


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  1. travelingmad
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 09:54:58

    Agreed. I’m sure we could all spend hours saying goodbye to just one person. It would take so much time to tell them what they mean to us. To do an abbreviated version of that to fit everyone into an hour is nearly impossible.

    I would just hope I would be doing something I loved or with someone I loved and enjoying my last moments.


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