Plastic or Renewable bags please?

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I very rarely like to go shopping. Not grocery shopping, not clothes shopping, not any kind of shopping. I just don’t like the crowds, the rude people, the children who are allowed to act like hooligans, and most of the time I don’t like the prices. Internet shopping has been the most wonderful of inventions for me. It allows me to do most of my shopping from the comfort of my couch, or if I had a deck it would be from there.

Now if you dangle a bookstore in front of me then you have my full undivided attention. I could wander around or sit around a book store all day; especially the ones that sell coffee.

Another reason I don’t like shopping is because there is no break between holidays in the shopping world anymore. Take now for example. New Years is only a week behind us, there is still five weeks until Valentines Day, yet the stores have already cleared out all previous holiday items and flooded us with Valentines Day products. Easter isn’t until April yet on February 15 the stores will be full of Easter products. Then it will be Memorial Day, followed by 4th of July, then comes the school supplies and extras, immediately followed by Halloween, then Thanksgiving. After that Christmas is back and they cycle starts all over again.

They have turned all holidays into nothing but commercialized ways for places like Walmart (Hellmart) to tell you how horrible you are if you don’t spend all this money on each and every holiday. I’m not saying that holidays aren’t important or that they don’t have some great meaning behind most of them, but why must they be pushed into our faces as something that we have to spend money on?

As much as I dislike the crowds I really dislike the big businesses taking away the meaning of these holidays. When did Memorial Day turn into a day for these businesses to get money? I thought Memorial Day was about honoring those that died in service to our country? Why do I have to pay some business money to do that? I don’t have to, but that also means I don’t like shopping, because I prefer to avoid helping to commercialize holidays that shouldn’t be about money.


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