It’s all Routine to me!

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I have a routine. I try to shake it up sometimes, but I still get into a routine. There are many things I need to change about my routine to make myself and my life better, but is there something in my routine that I love?

Even though it sometimes causes me to delay doing things that should probably take priority I love my routine of getting up and opening my twitter client to talk to the wonderful friends I am making. It all started with my boss hooking me up with tickets to the Predators game in December of 2009. I loved hockey I just had not bothered to make time to watch it, I always come up with some excuse as to why I couldn’t. Attending that game reminded me how much I did love hockey and how much I wanted to be at games.

I started my twitter account in March 2008, but did not use it very often, but one day while searching I found another Predators fan on twitter, and since then it has grown considerably. I have now met many other Predators fans in person and consider them friends not just “Twitter peeps”. Before in invent of computers and Twitter and Facebook you had to drive to someone’s house or pick up the telephone. Now I get up in the morning and open my computer so I can check on the lives of my newest friends!

It’s great to start your day out by talking to a friend or two, and Twitter has made that easier to do. Every time I sign on I learn a little more about someone, and to think a common interest and the internet made it possible for me to make it my routine!

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