Do you Struggle?

A resident struggles to walk in a blizzard in ...

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I struggle everyday. Most of the time its small things that I struggle with, but the big struggles are there. I struggle everyday with how to best help Ty. I struggle with being unhappy that I don’t have the space I need to feel productive and organized. I struggle everyday with how to deal with J. when I think he is treating me badly.

I struggle with how to react to people when I’m not sure if I’m interrupting the social cues correctly. I struggle with my self-confidence, or in my case lack of self-confidence. I struggle with if I say the wrong thing, or if I look okay. Every day is a struggle of some sort. It’s how we handle those struggles that defines how well we can get through those struggle. It doesn’t matter how big or small someone perceives the trouble to be, the size of the problem is determined by the person who has to deal with it!

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  1. eswarann
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 23:18:28

    Struggle is innate…I do not think struggle can be separated from life…It is always the question of the high road versus the low road


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