The first actual post of 2011

Basilica of St Mary of Health/Salvation, Venice

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

My first actual post of 2011 and I’m going to talk about the past year and my resolutions.

How much of 2010 do I remember? Not much if you want me to be honest. I know I was in school for January through May and August through December. In May I finally changed doctors and the new one checked all of my blood levels. He found that my vitamin D and vitamin B levels were dangerously low.

I did not know how important those vitamins were to a person until mine where too low. My memory, weight and fatigue levels are still working on getting back to normal from  the lack of these vitamins. These two vitamins have an effect on almost every function of your body. My memory still isn’t good, I still have to reread thing or ask questions many times before I convert it to long-term memory. My weight still doesn’t want to reduce the way it used to, even if I am eating completely healthy instead of adding ice cream! I still have days that my fatigue level is almost unbearable, and I am still taking an anti-depressant. Though I do not believe it is completely related to the vitamin levels I still were a pantyliner protection pad every day. I still deal with lower back pain on a daily basis, though again it may not be completely vitamin related.

While I know that some people who have not had these problems are likely to think to themselves that I am insane, or just being stupid it is all completely accurate. I can remember that I spent the summer working on my health and starting to feel better, while also seeing if it would be possible for me to homeschool Ty. I can remember what I learned in the fall semester, even if I do want to kick my butt because the perfectionist in me still isn’t completely back so I’m still not giving 110% to everything I do. I am still trying to do too much, but my memory is not ready for what I’m trying to throw at it. It’s really hard for me to feel the way I do, because as conceited but I know I’m extremely intelligent so I don’t know how to react to it when it seems that I am not because my memory is so bad.

Someone added me as a friend on Facebook today and I know that I know his last name, but it is taking some major thought to remember who he is. Again I don’t know how to react to it.

So how does that have anything to do with my “New Year’s Resolutions“. Because I plan to get healthier this year, I plan to lose weight, continue to work on my vitamin levels, and improve the items that I have let become a bother to me. I plan on being in a better/bigger house before the end of the year. Have a job that I at least enjoy enough that I give it my all instead of not caring. As I continue to improve my physical health, and my intelligent health, I also plan to improve my romantic health.

So 2011 is all about health for me, what is it for you?


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