Crazy semester is over

Caribbean near Tulum

Image by mdanys via Flickr

That was a crazy semester for me there at the end. I did fail one of my classes, but it does not surprise me in the least. I did something that I know I should not do. I did not give 100% because I could not find any interest in the class. If it was a job and not school would I have acted the same? No, I would have done the work and made it decent so that I looked good and didn’t get fired; not doing that for my class was wrong. I have to do better, and start doing things I don’t like to the best of my abilities. I am 98% sure that I don’t have to have the class so I don’t have to worry about retaking it (it’s not offered next semester) but it does pull down my GPA, and I of course don’t like that, but again it’s my own fault.

I have decided to run a 5k in February and will start training tomorrow. I’m a little worried about it, but I know I have a lot of support. I have been going to as many hockey games as I can lately. It gets me away from the house and around people where I can laugh and be myself. Everyday I hate this house just a little bit more, and I can’t wait to have a job so I can work on improving the place I live. I am just so angry about have goals and ambition and loving someone who has none of that. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t love him because it would make everything so much easier. The physical attraction is most certainly gone. But you know what, it’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself about the situation and just do what I have to do for now. After May I can revisit what I need/want to do.

I have changed my trip from Ireland to a cruise. I am really looking forward to it, so much less stressful.

I’ve got to get some stuff done so I’m checking out for now! I hope everyone had a very Merry Yule/Christmas. We cancelled presents at our house because the kid has been grounded since July. He was completely heart-broken but I hope that he figures out that he can not continue to act like he does. I also have a good lead on a private school I may be able to afford to get him into.


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