A Plea (updates at top)

12/22/10 The Crims are currently selling everything they own in order to come up with the resources to pay the many lawyers they need to utilize. Through it all they are still all smiles, simply enjoying having each other! If you can find it in your heart and your budget to give even $5 there is a link from this blogspot site.

12/14/10 Update: (Note: the original update from the Crims included a picture) Some days you just need to know God is with you. This was one of those days. Now I’m sure there could be an explanation behind this bright ray of light coming from seemingly nowhere onto my husband and I in this photo, but I choose to believe it was God shining His favor upon our family. The US Courts granted us custody of the girls today. (we overheard the judge say it was a new record for the fastest custody hearing in Texas!) The court appointed attorney for our girls was in tears after reading a referral letter from one of their teachers and touched by our struggle to keep our family together. The US adoption is moving forward very quickly!
Yet again, another step in the right direction of a full marathon in front of us, but we celebrate another step!

Crim Adoption Update: Family of 5 is safe, sound and smiling! The efforts of thousands have gotten us here today and we are BEYOND thankful. Still much to do, and more miracles in the works. But today, we celebrate a victory!!! Judge assigned attorney to represent the girl’s best interest. Get this, she’s a Mom, she’s adopted, she adopted a child and she has daughter’s my girl’s ages! Can you say MIRACLE?!!!

All friends, followers and strangers that I can get here Thank you. I am taking the time out to post a plea tonight for a friend of mine. Pamela Freeman Crim started a fabulous movement called “The Smoking Hot Mama Club”, a wonderful group of people who support each other and have a great time when they get together, and they are all smokin’ hot no matter their body shape or size! If you click on her name you will actually learn more about her. I am going to copy and paste Pamela words to you, because nobody can express their desire to keep their babies more than a mamma.

“Would you be willing to contact any connections you may have to government officials? You can fill out the contact form on each of the following websites (or make phone calls or send faxes). Senator John CornynSenator Kay Bailey HutchinsonCongressman Silvester Reyes Fax numbers for Sen. Cornyn 972-239-2110 (Phone 972-239-1310) Sen. Hutchison’s main DC office fax 202-224-0776 (sometimes a paper in hand gets better results than an email.) Congressman Reyes Fax 915-534-7426 Typically putting a small paragraph about how you know our family and how you feel about this issue and then copy and paste the following statement in it’s entirety from our family works well. ——————————————————— Request for Mexico STOP ACTION on Crim Adoption We need a US 383rd District Court Judge to quickly review our filed petition and grant us even temporary custody here in the US. (Cause # 2010CM6553) …. OR …. We need a Texas Congressman or Senator to grant a “STOP ACTION” and not allow the US agencies to assist Mexico in deporting our girls. Here’s our Story: I am the proud mother of 3 children, Logan, Alexa and Paola. My husband, Lonnie and I had the wonderful pleasure of adopting Alexa and Paola from an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico in September 2006. While the past 4 years have been a little piece of Heaven to us as a family of 5, we have continually fought with the Mexican government to finalize the adoption that was supposed to only take 6 months. So here we are today begging for your help. Because Mexico took so long, the guidelines for international adoptions changed and we are caught in the middle. Now in order to adopt from Mexico you cannot know or have had contact with the children. Well obviously having our girls living in our home for the past 4 years would be an immediate dismissal. Mexico asked us to lie and pretend we never had the girls, however we would do this under penalty of perjury in the US and face imprisonment. We hit an official roadblock with Mexico this past summer and hired another attorney (our 4th one in fact) to help us try to finalize the adoption here in the US. Our adoption petition has been filed with the district courts and we simply await the review of a family court judge. But, we have run out of time. Mexico wants the girls back because we refused to travel to Mexico and sign a commitment letter. We were advised not to travel there because of the danger and also potential endangerment if we refused to sign this “commitment” jeopardizing our daughters, we would be detained in Mexico. Mexico has contact the US Child Protective Services and we have heard we have until this Friday, 12/10/10 to get all of this craziness stopped. Loving Life and Trusting Fully, Pamela Crim”

This family loves each other, please help keep them together. Four years is too long to wait to then decide to tear a family apart. Thank you for any help/hope you can give them.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy Magee
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 19:10:49

    Thank you so much April for taking the time to share this with others!


  2. April Mc
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 19:16:51

    It is my pleasure Kathy, they don’t deserve this. They deserve to stay together as a family. I just hope that it helps in some way. I sent an email to the senator also.


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