I would have preferred work!

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Today was such a stressful day that I would have preferred to be at work then dealing with what I was dealing with! I had made Ty a doctor’s appointment for today so I could discuss a referral to have some testing done to check for the central auditory processing disorder.  I know my memory and how bad I am at losing appointment cards so I always, repeat ALWAYS, put appointments directly into my phone calendar. I knew I was running about 10-15 minutes late partly because I was moving slow and partly because traffic has just been horrible lately (I swear I think everyone is waiting for snow and ice and already driving like it’s happened), I called them to let them know that I would be there but was running just a little late. During that phone call they informed me that his appointment was 15 minutes earlier than what it really was. I do not know if they told me a different time than they were actually making the appointment for, if they changed the appointment and didn’t tell me or what happened, but I know that I was told 9 a.m. and not 8:45 like they told me on the phone. Long story short I got him a new doctor and will never go to Centennial Pediatrics ever again for my child’s medical needs! I may give more detail about it, but not right now. I have a migraine and just need to get some sleep!


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