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It has been almost a week since I stopped by here. I would apologize to my one reader, but I probably see them all the time anyway. Okay I’m kidding. It has just been one of those times when I had to prioritize and the blog doesn’t make me money, do my homework, help Ty with his homework, have meetings with Ty’s teachers, or argue with J. It has been rather stressful for me, but I am managing to get through things slowly but surely. Of course, some days it doesn’t feel like it, but life does tend to go on doesn’t it. There are still some problems with Ty. His out-of-school suspension was extended through today so he goes back to his regular school tomorrow. I have a meeting on Thursday with his teachers and counselors to determine if he should stay in the alternative school. I am hoping that he will decide to actually worry about if he learns anything, because I would really hate to see him lose his band class. He really likes playing his clarinet and I just ordered him a much better one because his broke. He keeps telling me he wants to be a teacher, today he expanded that to a science teacher, but I can not get him to understand that he is going to have to work hard to reach that goal. Honestly I think it would do him a world of good if there was a good tutoring program I could put him into after school. Somewhere that would help him with his homework, and at the same time help improve his reading and self-confidence. I have an idea, but I will not reveal it unless I learn that it’s actually possible.

I also made him an appointment for next Wednesday with his pediatrician, and I have every intention of arguing with him until I get my way. I have put off having Ty checked for Central Auditory Processing Disorder for too long, and I can not let it continue if I want to be a good mom.

I’m tired tonight so I’m going to bed, but tomorrow I will tell you about how I realized that I have been unconsciously sabotaging my relationship. Oh there are still a myriad of other problems, but I have to recognize them all before I can begin to work on the ones that I could be the cause of. Welcome to my loopy world!


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