Sometimes things don’t go as planned

Dormitory at The Armidale School, Australia, 1898

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I try to post a new blog every Monday through Friday but this week things have just not gone as planned. Forgive me if this gets long, there’s a lot to catch up on. Let me start with my weekend.

It was a great weekend of off-roading, even though I fell into a hole and left with some scratches and bruises. We got there a little late on Friday evening so camp was sent up in the dark. Luckily it was pretty easy. We went out riding that night, but didn’t really get crazy, just cruised around the trail-roads. I spent Saturday riding the 4-wheeler so that I could stop and take pictures whenever I wanted without having to get in or out of the truck. We took Ty with us this time and he had times of really enjoying himself and times of being afraid that we were going to flip-over. Saturday night we went back out riding and on the first trail is when I fell into the hole at a very inopportune time. I didn’t realize there was a hole behind me and it was dark. Ty fell asleep while we were watching some other trucks go up one of the rock trails, and shortly thereafter I fell asleep too so we went back to camp. When we got up Sunday we packed everything up and headed to the house. I was ready for a hot shower and my bed, even though the tent, air mattress and sleeping bag wasn’t bad.

When I got home Sunday I got right into the shower and then went to bed before I stayed up too long. Then Monday was there and I had homework due and back to work. I tried to make the time to post that night and just couldn’t do it unless I sacrificed sleep and I was too tired to do that. Tuesday was spent at work and then still catching up. Unfortunately Tuesday started out very badly for me.

Ty came home Monday saying that I had to take him to school on Tuesday because he had to go to the alternative school. I didn’t believe him for two reasons: 1 –  they would have sent a note home and I didn’t find it in his bag, and 2 – it’s just really hard to believe him lately. I sent an email to one of the teachers and put him on the bus. After my shower I checked my email and found that he had been telling the truth. He was suspended from school, except they have a program in place now that sends them to the alternative school instead of home. I told him that if he got suspended from school I was sending him to boarding school. I am going to argue with his doctor to refer him to a doctor to check for Auditory Processing Disorder, and if by the time we’re done with that he is still being disrespectful and refusing to do his school work, well, as much as it pains me and scares me to death, I found a boys ranch in Texas that I will try to get him into for a short-term stay.

In the meantime I feel like a failure as a parent because I have not been able to get him to live the lessons that we have taught him. I don’t think it helps that I can not relate. I cried if I got a B when I was in school, so I don’t know how to help Ty care about how well his grades are. I have tried getting him to think about all the things he might want to do in the future and explaining how his grades now will make that easier or harder, but it just doesn’t seem to make a difference to him. Hopefully soon I will find out exactly what it is going to take to get through to him.

I got caught up on the homework today, but tomorrow is going to be a crazy day with doctors appointments and getting to play the puppet on the string to a micro-manager. But I’ll deal and get through it and then it will be over with and I can move onto Friday with more homework due and get to start all over again. I signed up for NaNoWriMo, but I have yet to write a word because the school work just has to be more important.

If you have not stopped reading by now I’m amazed, but I ask you to visit the Movember United States page and consider donating to the Predators fan team. Straight from the FAQ’s from the site: “Movember (the month formerly known as November) is an annual moustache growing charity event held every November which raises funds and awareness for cancers that affect men. At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants, known as Mo Bros, have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their Mo, raising money along the way to benefit men’s health.”

Women and children issues get a lot of attention it’s time that men’s issues were recognized as well. Now if brain cancer would start getting more attention life would be improving!

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