I think I’m on a roll

Jeep Rubicon Rock Crawling

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I got so much done today at work and at home. Okay so the house is still a mess, but it’s also about 2,000 square foot too small! Okay so maybe only 1,100 square feet too small, but that’s a lot of square feet! How do you make shoes for square feet? Okay yes I’m being silly, but I have a very vivid imagination and I just used it to release some tension that I had so I’m feeling a bit better! I about blew up at work today, but for me I did a very good job holding my temper. It’s still something that I need to work on because people knew I was getting angry, but normally its ‘open mouth insert foot’ for me. I was assigned the task of overseeing the creation of some promotional banners at work and Friday I basically just took it over because we were having so many issues. Of course, it didn’t get any better as far as the issues go, but I did put my foot down a few times. After much frustration because everyone suddenly had an opinion, it got done today and sent to the printer. I should have it back on Thursday or Friday. We were planning on leaving early Friday to go off-roading, but I’m not leaving until I see if I can pick up the banners from the printer. I am so excited to see them.

I am going to the Predators game on Thursday and leaving for off-roading Friday so I have a bit of homework to get done between now and then! I have also been trying to get my sleep schedule back to something close to normal so it’s almost time for me to get in bed. Have a great night!!

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