Sometimes you’re just in a bad mood


Sign for the Grumpy Troll pub in Mount Horeb.

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Yesterday I was just in a bad mood. There wasn’t any real reason for it, I was just grumpy. Of course because I was grumpy and not kissing arse I was accused of being a bit*h to J. I was actually being quite nice considering I was already in the grumpy mood. I’m still not in a real good mood, but we’ll see what happens.

I have quite a few things bothering me, but they shouldn’t put me in the crabby mood I’m in. My back is still spazzing out, and my shoulders are still feeling funny both of which I will just continue to deal with until my body heals itself or my next doctor’s appointment. Fox Sports South is sucking big time right now, and blacked-out the Predators game while they were playing in Dallas. It makes no sense to me, black-out an away game before you black-out a home game. I sent a not so nice email to them about it, and I am really hoping that the NHL will not renew the contract with Fox and instead go with a different carrier. Versus seemed to do great last year. My DSL internet from stupid AT&T sucks, there is no other way to put it. We pay for the “Extreme” package and yet we are barely getting the speed of the “lite” package. I am going to buy a new modem today since ours is so old and see if it makes any difference. I hope so because I was getting too irritated last night with it. I was trying to stream a movie from Netflix and it took me about 3 hours to get through 1 and 1/2 hours of the movie. My “house” is too freaking small, so I have nowhere to put anything. I read too much, and like books too much. They are everywhere. I need a bigger house, but have no money or credit to even try to do anything about it yet. And I’m stressed about these last couple of semesters for my Master’s degree. I guess anyone would be stressed about that though.

I have some things I want to do today though, and I believe I will get started on them beginning with a shower. If things go as desired then soon I will be able to consider getting into a bigger home, and many other things! Welcome to my loopy world! And don’t forget the random link in the right side column!


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