Blog post is late, but it was worth it.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

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I was only home for about an hour this afternoon before I left the house again. J. was off work today so I took advantage of it and called him at the last-minute to tell him I would be late and he was going to have to get Ty off the bus. It felt good to not have to stop doing something at work because I have to get home to meet Ty off the bus. There are not any reasonable babysitters that you can send an 11-year-old to around here. The elementary school has an after-school care but all they do is play and if I was to send him there he would never get his homework done. He will be 12 soon, but I don’t know if he will be mature and responsible enough to stay home alone. Perhaps he’ll surprise me between now and then but I don’t know.

This afternoon we went to eat out at a new Chinese Buffet place. The crab rangoons were not very good, so if I have my way we will not be back. I love crab rangoons and I judge a restaurant by how well they are able to cook something so simple. Ty did not misbehave to badly, but I still had to get on to him about being wasteful and wanting things that he knew he would not eat. The restaurant was very pretty and they had to small koi ponds right inside the door that Ty loved, I would have let him feed them but I didn’t have any quarters to buy fish food with.

We went to Lowe’s after that, and Ty was very well-behaved, but after that we went to H.H. Gregg and  I thought I might have to bust his butt in the store. If he wasn’t talking at the top of his lungs he was crawling all over the mattresses, shoes and all. Then we went to Hastings and it was a nightmare – for J. I was looking at the bargain books so J. and Ty went into the store. When I continued on into the store I wondered over to the books and continued looking because books are my weakness. Pretty soon J. finds me and he’s fuming. Ty was doing his normal thing of being disrespectful, not listening, looking with his hands and telling J. what he was and was not going to do. While J. complained at me I just laughed. Then I looked at him and said “Well now you know what I deal with every day, all day.” J. decided that he would just take him out to the truck and I could finish looking at books.

Of course, when we got home I did exactly what I told Ty I was going to do and busted his bottom. I have had a past habit of saying I would do it and not doing it, and I know I have to change that. And before anti-spanking people start throwing their horrible fits, time-outs really do not work with him. He will not sit still during a time-out; he is either talking or getting up. He is too hyper for time-outs to work, and yes I have put him back every time he got up for a full day one time. I just have to keep trying to get him to realize that some things are privileges not rights.

In the mean time, I am having muscle spasms in my back and my shoulders feel like they have electric pulses going through them and shouldn’t be attached to my body. I am going to take that as a sign to go to bed! Welcome to my loopy world!


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