Okay, I have to change my attitude

1991-1995 Saturn SL2 photographed in USA. Cate...

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I’m doing the bluuuh thing. You know, that sound a person makes when they are on too much pain medication their mouths hanging open and they are drooling down their chin? No? Well, maybe it’s just me. J. did not fix my car yesterday because he can’t find what he did with the part. So I have to drive what I refer to as the little Saturn, and I don’t want to. I am being a complete baby about it for some reason, and I need to change my attitude I know.

I believe I have mentioned before that I have two Saturn‘s, one is a 1994 SC1 (Sports Coupe Single Overhead Cam) and the other is a 1997 SL2 (Sports Luxury (I think) Dual Overhead Cam). I’m sure there are still people saying “What?” The 1994 Saturn is a small two door sports type car, while the 1997 is a slightly bigger four door car. I like my 97 Saturn, it’s bigger, it has a lot of “get-up-and-go”, and it is not as worn out as the 94. I got the 94 Saturn in September of 1998. It had been repossessed from the friend of a friend, and my friend knew the woman at the company that had the car so we went up there. It still has a big scratch/dent across the hood where the wife of the guy it was repossessed from threw a brick through the windshield. I signed all the paperwork to pay something like $6,000 + interest for it, but I was happy I finally had my own car, I no longer had to rely on someone else.

It had its problems but I really liked it. J. and I were broken up during that time (we first started dating in November of 1997) but we got back together in October shortly after I got the car. In March J. completely rebuilt the motor because of several small problems that led to a big problem. The car had been overheated so gaskets had been blown and I was going through two quarts of oil to a tank of gas, and it wasn’t getting much fluid through the radiator because the overflow bottle that is the only way to add fluid was almost completely stopped up with Stop Leak. I have hit two deer in the 94 and had a buck hit me. We are pretty sure it has over 350,000 miles on it, but we can’t be positive because the odometer stopped working about four or five years ago at 274,000. It is not a bad car at all, and it’s paid off, I just do not want that small anymore.

Of course I realized that if I want to whine about the “back-up” car that I have then perhaps I should start working on a new “back-up” car. My dream car is sitting at the top of the hill just waiting for me to get the engine pulled so it can be cleaned up, checked over, bored out, and anything replaced that needs replaced. It’s also waiting for a new interior, new hood and hatch struts, a new headlight motor, and a paint job. In the grand scheme of things considering that the car is a 1991 3rd generation Pontiac Firebird I do not think that is a lot. I really don’t need to replace all of the interior, but it is likely that I will because I already have to replace the carpet and headliner. So instead of crying over the fact that I can’t drive the bigger Saturn, I need to look at it differently and start working on the awesome car.

3rd Gen Firebird

April's 3rd Gen Firebird ©April Mc


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