Well that just blows

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This is likely to be the whiniest blog post you will ever read. I am going to completely whine and complain and act horrible, then I’m going to get over it and move on.

I picked my brother up yesterday and headed to the Predators game. I was running a little behind, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I had talked to J. and he told me that the interstate was at a stand still so I decided to take an alternate two-lane road route. That would have worked if they were not curvy roads and I could have passed the people who could not drive the speed limit. Regardless, I finally made it to the interstate and was past the back up. Everything was going good, I had not made up any time, but I was sure we would get there before the puck dropped.

We were almost there, all I had to do was park the car and we could run the block down to the arena. I got in the left turn lane to go from Broadway to 7th Ave and my battery light comes on. I thought great, my alternator just cashed out, what the hell am I going to do. Then I started to make my turn and I had no power steering. I knew that my car was not going to go anywhere under its own power until it was fixed. Luckily the parking lot I was after was right there and I managed to find a spot before my car overheated. I called J. and he had not left Nashville yet so he came over to where I was at. He knew immediately what was wrong, my belt tensioner broke to my serpentine belt. That belt runs everything on my car –  the water pump, the alternator, the power steering, and anything else that needs a belt. J. was saying that I just needed to get in his car and go home and he would come back to deal with my car. It was taking everything I had not to cry. I know it sounds stupid to cry over missing a hockey game, but this was the first game ever for Ty and D.D. I did not want them to miss it, and I never want to miss a game.

Well J. came to the conclusion that he was going to have to drive home and get the car trailer and come back to get my car because he had no tools, it was raining, and it was dark. He said he figured I might as well go enjoy the game since there was nothing else I could do. So the boys and I took off running to Bridgestone Arena. We managed to get there and get our tickets quickly. We stopped to see Mr. Tom Callahan as I had previously told him we would since he ran the contest that we received our tickets from. Much to my dismay since we were running so incredibly behind we missed him. We went up to our seat level and grabbed drinks and some food before finding our seats. Even though we missed puck drop the boys were still completely enjoying one of the most boring hockey games I have ever seen.

Don’t misunderstand me it was still a great game, but the action that I have become used to seeing was just not quite there. The Calgary Flames won in overtime, but they took out a great Nashville Predators defenseman, Ryan Suter, only two minutes into the first period. After first period we did go back downstairs and meet Mr. Callahan, he was very nice and the boys were excited as I to meet him. After the game we went down to watch the post game show but Ty and D.D. were the only kids in there (it’s held in the Patron Club on the Club Level) and they felt really uncomfortable so we went down to the Pro Shop. I bought Ty a hat and D.D. and I a pen. They wanted everything in the store of course.

The hard part came after that. J. had some major problems getting the off-road truck off the trailer so that he could come get my car, so by the time the game was over he was just getting those resolved. He had to make a new steering bracket for the high-steer out of what he had available to him is my understanding. I made the boys get in the car with me and I locked the doors. Ty finally fell asleep in the back seat, but D.D. stayed awake. Finally right about midnight J. made it to us with the trailer. Of course it took all of 5 minutes to get the car loaded up and we were on the road. I got D.D. home about 1:20, J. got Ty home about the same time, and I finally got home about 1:45. There was no way either of us were going to get back up in about four hours and be good for anything so we both slept in this morning.

I would rather be at work to be honest, but we have two vehicles that are completely legal and one of them is on the car trailer. They are both my Saturn’s. The truck was down, but it seems to be fixed again, J. just has to renew the tag on it. I won’t drive one with a out-of-date tag any further than the garbage dump that is only a half mile up the dirt road from the house. J. is going to work on it before he goes to work this afternoon so as long as nothing else goes wrong I should be back on the road tomorrow.

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