It’s Predators night!

Sabre-toothed Tiger, Horniman Museum, London.

Image by Jim Linwood via Flickr

I am trying to keep Ty calm as he is so excited about going to his first hockey game! He normally talks nonstop anyway, but this afternoon is just craziness. I stopped at the store today and picked up a t-shirt for both Ty and my brother D.D. so that they can feel like they are dressed the part tonight. I would really like to get them, and myself, a real jersey but I just can not afford it right now. I do have my “jersey” that my B.F.F., J.W., bought for me from eBay, but I just couldn’t find any for the boys on such short notice.

My friend, S.M., that I normally go to games with will be at the game tonight. I am so happy because it was looking like it was going to be a nightmare about getting her there. She does not drive in Nashville because her vision is not what it was before all the chemotherapy she has had. I couldn’t add driving to Clarksville after the game because I have to get the boys home and in bed. I was going to meet her on the “main road” near my house and just park one of the vehicles at a friend’s house, but things worked out differently. Another friend of S.M.’s that I had the pleasure of meeting, K.S.B., has season tickets with her mom and step-dad. K.S.B.’s mom isn’t feeling well so she is not going and they offered the ticket and the ride to S.M. I was so relieved, because I was stressing. For all the people in the immediate area that say they are S.M.’s friend I don’t know any of them that really step up when she needs something. They hardly ever call her just to chat, or go by and see her. One of these days they will be the ones to regret it when S.M. is no longer with us. I know I will have done my best to be a good friend, and to help her enjoy whatever time she has left. That time could be years or tomorrow, just like with anyone else, but since S.M. is fighting a constant battle with brain cancer it is highly likely to happen to her sooner than others. I am her friend, not just when she needs me but all the time, and I am proud to say so.

I am so excited that I am not keeping a good train of thought. I’m also irritated about a few things, but it will have to wait!!


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  1. Jessie
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 17:56:22

    well sis i’m glad you can finally take ty to a game with you. I hope y’all have tons of fun. I’m glad you are always there for S.M. and glad your doing what you can for her. I hoping to go visit you soon.. idk how things are going to go concidering circumstances but i guess we will have to see.


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