Sleep Schedule messed up again

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Ty has been on fall break for the last two weeks, and I let my sleep schedule change instead of staying on my normal schedule. Today he started back to school and I overslept, then could not stay awake, I’m very glad that I am off work/school today and tomorrow. My chest kind of feels like I’ve been smoking, but I haven’t. I have done very well I think. I have not had even a puff off a cigarette since July 25. It has been a little crazy lately. I have been working on improving my health yet it seems that I have been sick with one thing or another since July. Even funnier, I quit smoking as I seem to stay sick, in that case I must believe that it is my body healing itself after those years of smoking and soon all will be great!

Today and tomorrow I really have to finish a paper and get started on at least one other. I am also going to try to get some major housework done, however I am not starting out very well since it is already almost 2 p.m. of day 1. Of course if I just get started I will get things done quickly. Even though it sounds like I am once again whining, but really I am just stating. I do that a lot and I’m also afraid that people thing I am bitching about things when really I am just saying “this is how I feel, you don’t have to reply, I’m not asking for you to feel sorry for me, or even to understand, I just want to state this personal fact.” Now to continue, I really do not like the house I live in. It is too small and we have too much stuff. I am looking forward to the day when I can move into a larger place. I think I’ve seen some apartments that are bigger than this trailer as far as square footage goes!

So now I’m going to get up and start doing the cleaning that I need to do and continue to work on preparing for the major important personal issue that I will begin this week.

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