It has been a fantastic day!


Downtown Nashville

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I can not resist sharing this with everyone. I entered a contest to enter tickets to Calgary at Nashville hockey game tomorrow night. It was a contest to “bring a newbie” to the game. You had to send an email stating why you were the best person to win, and who the “newbie” was that you would bring. I read that it was actually possible that there were three tickets, so I decided to give it a shot. I sent an email in saying how financially it is hard for me to go to games but that I really wanted to take my 11-year-old son, Ty, and my 13-year-old brother, D.D. I never expected to be the winner, the rules said you had to submit by 3 p.m. so I assumed that if I didn’t hear anything by five then I had not won. I was okay with that, it’s not like I was counting on winning, or even expected to win. Then my phone rings around seven and I look down at the caller i.d. to see the name Tom Callahan. Well I’m not fool I know that he is a Predators radio announcer so my mind immediately said “Oh my goodness, I must have won!” I was in shock, I answered the phone trying to sound calm, though I do not know if I managed it! I had not told Ty or D.D. that I entered to win the tickets so when I got off the phone I called my mother to talk to D.D., who proceeded to act like he passed out because he was happy; while Ty went out the front door to scream. Needless to say they are both very excited. I am just as excited I think. I always get excited to go to a Predators game but this time I get to see the joy of my two boys seeing their first hockey game, and it’s a Predators game.

It will be a little hard on the two of them because of it being a school night, but for just this once I think it is completely worth it. I just cannot express how excited I am! I will update as soon as I can tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

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