I have managed to get sick.

Goose, reaction to cold

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Yesterday I thought that it might just be my sinuses, but today I’m not so sure. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been “run over by a Mac truck” as the saying goes. I have stayed medicated today and just chilled out on my couch today. I am looking forward to feeling better because I do not normally get sick, and I never like to be sick. I do have my appetite back though so that has to be improvement.

I should be doing homework right now, and I am kind of, but the feeling like crap slows me down. I don’t concentrate well under normal circumstances, add not feeling good in there and I’m almost lost. J. keeps calling me talking with all his negativity about everything. He can never look at the positive in anything anymore, it’s driving me insane. I do not know how to deal with it yet though, so I just pretend to listen. And since my mind can not wrap itself around actually blogging about anything even remotely interesting, I will end here for the night and go back to the homework.

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