I know I’m insane


Autumn leaves in Gekū

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Truly I do know this. Does that ever stop me from just adding one more thing to my to-do list and life? No, it doesn’t, not ever. Now for those of you asking what the heck I am going on about let me tell you. I added NaNoWriMo to everything else I have to do. To some the following list may not sound like much, but in reality it is all-consuming. I have my college classes that are an intense 8 weeks long, a paper for a former class that I am having to rewrite so I can finally get my grade, my research and paper to go with it, my graduate assistant position, plus anything normal that comes with being a woman with a child and being shacked up with a man who doesn’t help around the house. That means that in addition to school and being the only parent that helps with homework, or discipline, or teaching him about life, I also have to do all of the cooking, and cleaning. I will admit that on occasion I can get him to help, but usually only after I ask/beg, or if it’s something that he wants done for himself and I’m just refusing to do it. I usually just quit everything and take time for myself once in a while, otherwise I wouldn’t even have time to be sick. J. did do pretty well yesterday, he watched Ty while I slept off a slight fever, and he didn’t complain when I said I was going to get chicken for supper (chicken is his most least favorite dish). Perhaps he can be taught to improve himself and his attitude.

Of course, I’m still sick today and would like nothing more than to crawl into bed again. Something that I plan on doing very soon this evening.

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