My right wrist received total freedom today

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The orthopedic surgeon told me that I can leave the brace behind! Of course there is still some pain, but I hope that it will ease as I build the muscles back up. There is going to be a scar of course. I tried to lessen the noticeable scar by using Neosporin after they took the stitches out, and it looks like it worked some but not a lot. I have a large amount of peeling skin around where the scar is forming. I am so happy to be able to start working on building the muscle back. There is still a chance that my cyst could come back, but it is unlikely and should take a while before it does return. I’m celebrating by doing a cute little paint job on my nails.

Hockey talk has been interesting today. Nashville Predators made a trade that many fans are unhappy about, and very vocal about. The one thing that I really wanted to say on twitter was “I wonder exactly what many of you will say if this trade turns out to be a good thing.” Now I will not even begin to try to portray myself as knowledgeable enough to say if it was a bad trade or a good trade. I will send you to three of the people who are knowledgeable enough about it: On The Forecheck How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Accept The Shane O’Brien/Ryan Parent Trade, Section 303 Breaking down today’s trade with Vancouver… and Preds On The Glass Predators Make a Statement with O’Brien Acquisition. I am sure there are several others out there that have discussed this topic. I’ve likely read some of them, but I like these three, not only because everything they write is written well, but also because I can not think of a time when they did not save their opinion for after they discuss whatever the subject is without being biased (unless it calls for it).

I also got my November issue of Car and Driver in today, and was loving it when I looked at the cover and saw an Aston Martin. Okay, so it wasn’t the only car on the cover but it was still there. I have not looked completely through it yet, and who knows when I will get a chance to really go through it properly but I have it so that when I do get that chance it will be there!

It is creeping toward a crazy time of year in my loopy world. NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching (25 days to go) and I haven’t decided if I’m going to try again this year. I also have my classes to work on, and a research paper to write so that I can graduate on May 6, 2011. I also have a holiday to plan, this being my trip to Dublin, Ireland and Glastonbury, UK that I plan on leaving for on May 10, 2011. The “commercial” holiday season is also quickly approaching, and I have chosen October 22 as the day that I am going to begin a ‘redo’ of something extremely important to me. In the meantime its past time for me to finish my case study for ethics class!


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