I am surprisingly blah today

Blah 004

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I don’t like to be blah, and while I often switch between hateful/mean and hyper/happy on my blog here, today I am just blah. I didn’t feel good when I got up this morning. I had a tummy ache. Can’t you just hear the 12-year-old whiny voice in there! I also didn’t go to bed until late last night and then I didn’t sleep well. I am making supper now, but I took the easy route and just threw a shrimp scampi thing from the freezer into the skillet. Now it smells horrible and I’m not sure that I want to eat it.

I am also extremely jealous of all the people who were able to go to the “Meet the Team” event for the Nashville Predators. I am actually anxious to be working so that I may have some money to spend on buying tickets to go the Predators more often!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon again. I have no clue what to expect. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and it will be time to start therapy to start using my wrist again.

And as boring as this post is, I’m going to bed. Check out the random link on the right sidebar!

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